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Oh, the Nordstrom anniversary sale. My birthday usually falls around the sale each year. This year it falls after the early access day of July 12th. So….yes, I do shop the sale πŸ˜‰

I first started paying attention to the sale when relatives purchased things for my daughter and I for our birthdays (we both have July 13th birthdays). Friends and family would buy my daughter back to school clothes, or Fall items and of course gift cards for me. I noticed the Uggs and North face jackets that she received at the sale lasted the whole year. So, now I stock up on these items for my family.

There have been a lot of finds each year that I will use all year round as well. Last year’s Burberry sunglasses were a splurge, but I still wear them all the time. This year’s version is linked below. Also, I love Rag and Bone jeans. They are my favorite brand and although expensive they are the only style that seem to work for my shorter frame. So I stock up during the Nordstrom anniversary style because well, I wear jeans almost every day come Fall. The prices for this brand as well as some other designers are just that good. The other item I stock up on are bras. Since having kids the Natori brand just fits me the best so I only buy new ones during this sale. I bought this style and this one (in case you’re looking).

Now, there are definitely some items on here that are a wish list for me as well. Do I want all the Tory Burch items? Yes, I would love the sandals for now and boots for later lol. There are pieces in the sale that are a good buy. For example, if you have been wanting the Tory Burch boots, now would be a good time.

I do get excited about this sale. There are some good pieces that I invest in each year to expand my wardrobe for the rest of the year. Even though it’s July, I just bought uniform shirts yesterday for my daughter, so my mind is sort of on back to school/Fall essentials.

I also linked items for now to get me through the rest of Summer in case you can’t go there yet πŸ˜‰ I happened to be at the Nordstrom Sale this year during the early access because I needed a unicorn dress. Yes, my daughter is having a unicorn birthday party and I couldn’t find one anywhere else lol. I couldn’t bring myself to buy boots this year, and I also wasn’t in the market for any new shoes until I do an inventory of my current collection. So, I’m still in sandals for my try-on because it’s July πŸ™‚

Dress Sandals Sunglasses

This dress made it into my shopping bag. I love the leopard print to wear now, or in the Fall with a jacket. This may be my favorite purchase from the sale. If you are short like me, it’s hard to find a dress in a perfect midi/maxi dress like this one. I’m wearing a size small, but could have gone down to a x-small in the bust, but I like a little more room in my hips πŸ˜‰

Floral Top Jeans

I am usually an online shopper. When I went to the actual store they didn’t have what I wanted in stock in quite a few pieces. I ended up having to order the jeans I had been scoping out. However, I did try on these mid rise style of Rag and Bone. They aren’t my usual style, but I love how they stay up more with the higher rise. I sized down. Also, I would have walked right past this floral top, but if you know me I love peplums and this one would be the perfect Fall transition piece.


I wasn’t really looking for more Summer tops, but this cute high ruffle neck one can be worn tied at the waist or long. The t-shirt below is also a good staple for the rest of the year. I like how the neckline isn’t too low.


Below are my picks for the Fall fashion. A lot of these were not in the store, so I had to place an order online. Stay tuned for updates to this post. A lot of animal print, but that was predicted for Fall this year. I also love how the blush color was so prevalent and can easily transition from Summer to Fall.

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cardigan thermal

I had to buy this jacket. The fit is amazing over a shirt or dress. The price is also very reasonable.

Told you I was going to transition this dress to Fall πŸ˜‰

All in all I found the sale to be worth it. I purchased a few pieces to get me through Summer, but I stock up on the designer brands that I love and know I will wear all year round. I personally love buying North Faces and shoes for the family for back to school so that definitely gets me in the door before anything else.

Let me know if you have any questions and happy shopping friends!

I am loving this pearl detail trend lately. It’s not just in barrettes and headbands that I have seen across instagram. Shoes and jeans are being bedazzled with the pretty embellishments. Pearls adds such a pretty, feminine touch to every day pieces like a plain cami.

I hope this trend doesn’t disappear too soon as I am a sucker for a classic look…with a twist. Here a few pieces that I am loving and a few that I have purchased.

  1. I had to add the barrettes that everyone is sporting. At $4.99 they are a really fun accessory.
  2. The pearl detail on this mint dress is so gorgeous. If only I had a special event to wear it to!
  3. This clutch has the littlest pearl detail and the best $13 price.
  4. These jeans have the pearl detail across the knee rips.
  5. I had to have these fun earrings.
  6. A black pair of jeans rocking the pearl detail.
  7. Want. That’s all I can say.
  8. These Chanel dupes are so amazing and comfy!
  9. Love the pearl and lace detail on this jacket!
  10. Everyday black sandals
  11. A black clutch with the fun white pearl detail. And just found a cute less expensive version at target!
  12. Pretty earrings
  13. A basic black belt with the pearl detail
  14. THE pearl headband
  15. More fun pearl jeans
  16. An off the shoulder pearl sweatshirt
  17. The easiest layered bracelet to thrown on. I wear it all the time. And of course it’s amazon prime πŸ˜‰
  18. Pearls on sunglasses….why not.
  19. A simple cami…with a twist.
  20. Tory burch sandals

*Disclosure: I was gifted a month’s subscription service from The Mr. and Ms. Collection, but as always all opinions are my own. This post includes affiliate links where I make a small commission should you make a purchase.

I am always impressed when I open my monthly Mr. and Ms. Collection package. This is my third box with this subscription service, and it is so exciting to see what stylish pieces I can add to my wardrobe for the month. You can read about my first experience here and the items in my second box here.

The clothes are packaged so nicely, and I love the personalized note from my stylist explaining the pieces that were picked for me and why. For example, this month she noted (and is so correct) that the weather in my area has not been warm. So, she sent some sunshine in the form of a yellow shirt and a blazer for layering. I love that!

Love the personalized touch!

Also included this month are a cute pair of distressed jeans and an olive green tie front blouse. This month’s pieces are adorable. The pieces can be all worn together as an outfit, or styled separately with items you already own. I love the flexibility and how you can maximize your closet to stretch your own wardrobe each month with a few trendy pieces.

I was most excited to try a different brand/style of jean that I usually don’t wear. Just like in past boxes, I’m always a little hesitant that items aren’t going to fit. However, just like in past months they fit perfectly. Honestly, I don’t know how the stylists can pick pieces to fit my exact body type, but each month they fit. I haven’t been disappointed with fit yet since starting this subscription service. I think that is what makes this brand stand out to me. I know that there are not only real women trying on these pieces before me, but also picking the items based on my specific profile.

The cutest outfit which included a blazer, yellow top, and jeans
A fun tie front blouse with the distressed jeans
The ‘sunshine’ yellow top paired alone with the jeans

The Mr. and Ms. Collection clothing rental service has multiple options below and are offering 20% your first month with code ‘tricestakestyle’.

Standard Once a Month for three items in each pack, once a month- $59/mo
Premium Once a Month for four items in each pack, once a month – $69/mo

Standard Unlimited for three items in each pack, for unlimited packs – $79/mo
Premium Unlimited for four items in each pack, for unlimited packs – $89/mo

The Ms. Collection is the women’s clothing rental service, but there is also a men’s clothing service, The Mr. Collection. With Father’s Day around the corner, this service would be the perfect gift for that special guy in your life. My husband loves this concept of me renting clothing instead of spending money on outfits I wear once so much, that he may be trying the service soon πŸ˜‰

After three months of using this clothing service rental I am impressed. The quality of clothes is always perfect and the items picked are in style with current fashion trends. If you are looking for a way to stretch your closet each month, or need help with styling I truly believe this would be the monthly subscription service for you.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Wooden Ships Faded Glory Sweater Jeans Tote Bag Wedges

I still can’t believe we are halfway through May. With Memorial Day coming up next week, I’m looking forward to barbecues, swim days, and lots of sunshine. The weather has been so unpredictable in the Midwest that I’m longing for warmer days. Lately I’ve been investing in lightweight sweaters to transition my wardrobe to feel just a little bit more like Spring.

Sunglasses Tank top Shoes Jeans

Wooden Ships Knitwear by Paola Buendia have the most beautiful yet comfy sweaters, and their knitwear is the perfect addition to a Spring (and even Summer evening) ensemble. I love layering these lightweight pieces over tanks, and can easily be added for warmth to any outfit when the sun goes down.

Wooden Ships Sweater in the Riley

In all honesty, I am extremely picky about sweaters and have a hard time wearing them unless they are cotton. These are not itchy or scratchy like others sweaters. They are made of an amazingly breathable material to not only be comfortable, but so the sweater keeps it’s ‘slouchy’ laid back style. The Riley sweater is the perfect all cotton sweater with a slight off the shoulder look.

Sweater Purse Yellow Wedges Stripe Tank

The company’s founders were inspired by old wooden ships and I just love the nautical feel to such classic closet staples. You can read more about this family-owned company and how they give back here. It is pretty amazing.

I can’t wait to wear my Wooden Ships sweaters for Memorial Day and Fourth of July. You can also use code ‘Patrice15’ for 15% off any purchase.

Hope you have a safe Memorial Day weekend with your family and friends,

*** Wooden Ships Knitwear gifted me these two sweaters from their Memorial Collection, but as always all opinions are my own. Also, this post contains affiliates where I make a small commission should you decide to buy from such links. Thanks for supporting my blog!

I was so eager to get my second box of clothing rental from The Mr. and Ms. Collection for some Spring transition pieces and wardrobe inspiration.* From my first experience (you can read that post here) I knew that the quality and brands of clothing are amazing. Also, I was sure the pieces would be hand picked by personal stylists that reviewed my style profile. I love that they send some trendier pieces that I would never try on, but also classic staples with a twist that are more me. If there are important preferences that you need to share (example: I love wearing sleeveless and long sleeve items and I try and avoid the color black), you can add that to the last question of the Style Profile.Β  In addition, you can also visitΒ your member account and use the Drop Your Stylist a Line contact form to mention any specific wishes for items, or if you have an upcoming event or vacation. You can even let them know the date and type of event, or when you depart for your vacation and where you’re going, so they can get your pack to you in time and style you for the weather you’ll be experiencing! I truly believe the personal stylists take a lot of time to review your needs and come up with amazing options.

How sweet are the personalized notes the stylists send?

Which is just what I received! I received four pieces this month based on the plan I picked. The different options and pricing are below:

Standard Once a Month for three items in each pack, once a month- $59/mo
Premium Once a Month for four items in each pack, once a month – $69/mo Standard Unlimited for three items in each pack, for unlimited packs – $79/mo
Premium Unlimited for four items in each pack, for unlimited packs – $89/mo

This month there was a cute leather jacket, white open shoulder knit top, an off the shoulder plaid blouse, and tie waist pants. I like that the pieces can be worn together, or styled with other items in your wardrobe. They really maximized your outfits! I also love trying different styles and trends without breaking the bank, or having to buy all new items. I can try different trends and see what works for my body type.

First, were these adorable tie waist pants with a cute white knit top. I have been wanting to try this style pant! These pants have the most adorable print and of course they fit perfectly. The mock neck knit with open shoulders was the perfect versatile piece as well. In the last two boxes from The Mr. and Ms. Collection there has never been a sizing issue which is unbelievable to me because I am so picky about how clothes fit being on the shorter side. I recommend offering details in the last question of the Style Profile about your body type or pieces you are looking for.

The coziest pants ever and the perfect white knit basic!

The next item in my clothing rental box was this off the shoulder plaid blouse with a ruffle hem. To be completely honest I was a little nervous about this top out of the box. It seemed like it was not going to work for me. However, after I tried it on it was adorable! I really believe that this company knows what works on your figure. The personal stylists pay attention to brand sizing and your measurements in your style profile. This turned out to be the cutest top because if you know me you know I love ruffles πŸ™‚

The ruffled bottom on this top was so cute!

The last item sent was this amazing black leather jacket! Again, I was hesitant about this jacket until I tried it on. Leather jackets can be tricky if they are too bulky. This jacket was tailored so well that it was a cross between moto jacket and blazer. Such a cute statement piece! I am debating on keeping it. Which I forgot to mention in my last post that you can buy the items in your box for up to 50% off! If there is something you can’t part with, you can totally keep it and purchase at a discounted price. You will also have access to a Monthly Credit in the amount of $20. At the start of your new month, a $20 credit will automatically be applied toward any purchase you make from your packs.

This jacket was tailored to perfection!

Those were the four pieces this month that got me so excited for Spring. I can’t say enough good things about The Mr. and Ms. Collection and all the fun pieces their personal stylists sent. I never had a sizing problem and all of the fashionable pieces were on trend. They want you to maximize your wardrobe too. Get 20% off your first month of service with my code tricestakestyle.

Stay Stylish,

*Disclaimer: I was gifted a month’s subscription service from The Mr. and Ms. Collection, but as always all opinions are my own. This post includes affiliate links where I make a small commission should you make a purchase.

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