If you are like me, than most Valentine’s Day celebrations are away from the crowds. The midwest is so cold right now, and I have two little ones so we are usually cozy at home. This year we are actually getting wild and I’m spending the night with my little girl scout at a pj spa and movie night. Here are my essentials for the coziest Valentine’s.

Hope this cozy guide gives you some inspiration for a night in, or perhaps a fun galentine’s party! I would love to hear how you celebrate. Let me know as I will be making lip glosses and watching Moana with my daughter’s girl scout troop 😉

  1. These Ugg boots have become a favorite of mine lately. I have them in grey and purple, but how cute are the pink?
  2. What’s Valentine’s day with out a love yourself candle?
  3. Red heart sweatshirt: The perfect Valentine’s Day comfy wear
  4. Pink Wine bottle: Need I say more 😉
  5. Pink boucle cardigan: Pretty much like wearing a blanket
  6. Heart Headband: I had to have this cute headband for those non-wash days even after love week.
  7. Macaroon Soaps: How cute is this soap set? The perfect gift for your galentine.
  8. Pom Pom Blanket: I ordered this from Target and love how soft it is and the blush color is so pretty
  9. Heart PJ Bottom: These colorful bottoms are only $13!
  10. Fleece Hoodie:  This hoodie looks so warm and the color pink is such a neutral into Spring.
  11. Black heart sweatshirt: I love this sweatshirt because I feel like it can be worn outside of just Valentine’s day week.
  12. Pink joggers: In case you wanted an upgrade from pj bottoms
  13. Heart Nailpolish: How festive is this nail polish? Can’t wait to do my and daughter’s nails in this color!

*This post contains affiliates where I make a small commission should you decide to purchase through my links. Thank you for your support of my blog.


*This post contains affiliate links where I make a small commission should you make a purchase. I was also gifted products by the company Sole Toscana, but all opinions are my own and I was not asked to write this blog post. Thank you for supporting my blog!

In the past I’ve tried to make really unattainable resolutions like working out every single day. Then, I end up just giving up a few weeks in and feeling defeated. However, for some reason this year I feel inspired to not necessarily make long term goals, but just add a few attainable habits to better myself this year. I’m trying to tweak my lifestyle a bit and make time for some self care for a healthier me in 2019.

Drink More Water: It may seem self explanatory, but I am just not a water drinker. My kids drink plenty of water, but as a busy mom I just don’t drink it…like at all! My daughter is actually always telling me to put the coffee down and drink water. I’ve noticed my skin and energy levels have been off lately so I’m making the conscious effort to stay extra hydrated in 2019. One goal I made is that if I am going to chug coffee I have to drink a glass of water before I do.

Skin Care Routine: Speaking of skin, I am the worst at initiating and maintaining a skincare routine. I am always so impressed when I hear of other ladies’ skincare favorites, because I don’t even take my eye makeup off at night (horrible and shameful I know). I think this lack of skin care stems from my overly sensitive and highly reactive rosacea-prone skin. In the past, products have either irritated my skin, or made it redder! My test for new products is always to dab a little on my checks and if it starts burning than I don’t buy it. This happens 90% of the time I try a product.

This is why when I was offered to try the brand Sole Toscana I was so excited because their products are organic and all natural. When I put them on, I don’t have any irritation or redness, and I feel confident that I’m not putting toxic ingredients on my skin. I especially love the eye brightening cream for my tired ‘mom’ dark circles. I am really going to make an effort to add this eye cream to a nightly routine in the new year.

Natural and Clean: I want to extend using organic to other areas of my life. Especially my diet. If you know me, I am a long time follower of Haylie Pomroy’s The Fast Metabolism Diet. I read this book about 3 years ago and it helped me lose the last of my pregnancy weight with my first child that I had held onto for years. The whole book ‘spoke’ to me if you will. It just made so much sense to me and helped me create a new relationship with food. My husband is a suffer of chronic pain so we eliminate dairy and gluten from our daily food choices.

However, I am not perfect with eating. My weakness is always sugar and processed junk. Usually I would have my cheat treat and go back The Fast Metabolism Diet Phase 3. Lately though I have been having a really hard time shaking off sweets and just can’t seem to get away from them. Sugars always make me feel awful, but once I start I can’t stop. I love cake/frosting/cookies and I can’t just have a taste. I end up eating like 10 cookies! I’ve decided to really try and find better alternatives. I use a lot of the ‘dessert’ recipes from Kristin Cavallari’s cookbook True Roots, but I’m also going to try this one about quitting sugar completely with better alternatives. If I have other options readily available it makes cutting my sugar habit easier.

Minimization and Organization: Here’s a big secret. I used to be super organized. However after having kids that went through the window. For some reason I have an inability to watch my kids during the day and maintain an orderly house. At night, I am just too tired to pick up. Also, to be fair my toddler doesn’t go to bed till like 11 at night(whole other story). If you follow me on pinterest you will notice I have a huge organization board because I just can’t seem to get it together.

This year is different. This year I am really going to make it a daily habit to reduce, purge and finally master the clutter. The idea of decluttering my whole house is impossible, so I’m breaking it down into really small manageable decluttering tasks each day. I’m hoping this adds up to a large improvement this year. This is also something I will be adding to my blog so stay tuned 😉

Be in the Moment: This is a big habit for me to work on. I’m always thinking of the next thing instead of just being present. Especially when it comes to my kids, I’m either racing through meals or my to do list. I’m going to make it a priority to just sit and play. My little guy is going to be 2 in a few months and I can’t believe how fast these years flew by. It’s time to soak up this time before they don’t want to play with me!

These are the things I am focusing on this year. I really wanted to write them down so that I stay focused this year. What are your goals this year? Do you make resolutions? I would love to hear them!

I love the color combination of red, white and red. When I saw this ruffle top I knew I wanted to pair it with red accessories for the perfect dressy, yet casual outfit for upcoming holiday parties. Of course I saved the white top for a holiday party I wasn’t chasing my toddler around at like my husband’s work party tonight 😉

I have been on the hunt for the perfect sequin black pants and took a chance on these ones. They are a little more high waisted and the perfect length.

These shoes are sold out in red, but the black are still available and I have linked a bunch of other pretty options on the liketoknow.it app as well.

What are you wearing to holiday parties this year? Do you go more casual or fancy?

Anybody else feel like a hot mess right now?  I can’t believe Christmas is next week!  My decor isn’t completely up, I haven’t mailed a single card, and my shopping is still not done.   Between school/Church obligations, volunteering, birthdays, and present buying the stress and anxiety have taken over.  Not to mention an overactive toddler that doesn’t sleep and my daughter’s crazy extracurricular schedule.  In past years people have called me a grinch because I just want to get through this time of year.  The craziness of the holidays can ruin the magic.  With 7 days left, I’ve decided to do a few things to reduce anxiety and change my mindset before I end up like the mom in the movie ‘A Bad Mom’s Christmas’.


In past years I used to decorate multiple areas of my home.  I would bring out so knickknacks and baubles that my house would look like a winter wonderland.  My house used to be pinterest worthy.  

This year is different.  As I watched my son pull off a million ornaments from the tree and angels from the fireplace, I realized I didn’t have the energy to keep putting them back up.  So, the bottom of our tree is bare and most of my decor stayed in storage.  I’m ok with that.  The minimal amount of decor to put away sounds amazing this year.

My daughter doesn’t even remember the stuff I put out last year and just got excited with the special pieces and ornaments I did display.  She started making paper ornaments and cards to santa that she insists on putting on the tree.  These things mean a lot to my very creative daughter and my son loves seeing her drawings.  My pinterest worthy tree is not happening this year;)

Purge and Donate

Speaking of minimization, the thought of bringing a million more new toys and things into my house causes a bit of panic for me.  Each year I make sure to go through and sort old and broken toys, or just items the kids have outgrown.  It feels so much better to get a visit from Santa and family with presents when there is space for those toys. I also invested in a few toy organization pieces to force myself to tame the mess before adding to it. I like to find women’s shelters around the area to drop off gently used toys and baby items.

Gift Cards are Golden

This year I have no shame with giving gift cards.  I mean, when I receive a gift I am so excited when it’s a gift card.  I am super picky so I like to pick out my own stuff.  Therefore, why should I feel bad about giving gift cards to someone else?  I spend way too much time laboring over finding the perfect gift, but not this year.  If they don’t have a gift by now, it’s going to be a lovely little gift card and I may create a little basket of goodies to accompany it.  Maybe!  The saying really is true that it is the thought that matters.  If hitting the malls and stores causes high stress for you, then this is they way to go.

Take a Time Out

I honestly do become that character played by Mila Kunis in ‘Bad Mom’s Christmas’ and stress over everything being just right.  This is also the time where I fall apart from anxiety, and my self care goes away each year.  I completely gave up my workout regime after Halloween and my skincare routine disappeared.  Not the right way to walk into 2019.  I recently was gifted products by a skincare company(review to come) and I am forcing myself to take that little extra time for me. My goal is to get out of my sweats for the rest of the week 😉

Slow Down and Find a Little bit of Joy

Often times I find myself so consumed with the perfect wrapping paper or running to the next holiday event, that I’m just not stopping to spend enough time soaking up these moments with my young children.  My daughter has an obsession with the Nutcracker these days and I tracked down the older animated version for her on eBay.  When she asked me why I wasn’t watching it with her, I had to stop myself and wonder why aren’t I taking the time to enjoy this program with her?  Yes, there are more gifts to buy (or gift cards – see above) or card to send, but these moments with her aren’t going to last forever.  So yes, I sat down and watched it with her and my little guy.  

HI am so grateful that we have a slow weekend (minus a holiday work party for my husband but that’s later at night).  We had to say no to a few things because we really need that time to spend time with my little ones to do one last minute trip to Santa, see some more Christmas lights, and bake a million cookies together.  The holiday madness will always be there, but making joyful memories with my kids will go by way too fast.

Happy Holidays!


It’s December!  Let the Holiday shopping begin.  Unless you are one of those amazing people that already have your shopping done ( I inspire to be like you one day), and want to take a glance for yourself.

However, if you are like the rest of us and just started checking off your christmas gift list, then this list is for that the girl that likes a little bling.  Personally, I love opening something with a bit of sparkle on Christmas.  This is basically my wish list for the holidays 😉

1. Pink Plaid Scarf : The perfect accessory in the Winter for a pop of color.  Come January I am ready for the brighter colors again and I have been loving this poncho look lately.

2. Bow Clutch : This clutch would be the perfect accessory gift to go with a sweater or scarf for that glam girl you know.

3. Glitter Clutch : Or, this sparkly one that comes in the most perfect neutral pink color.

4. Pink Furry Vest : This pop of color would be the perfect gift with a plaid shirt under or just by itself.  I have many cousins in their teens and I already purchased one for them.

5. Sparkly Makeup Palette : There is no better time to wear sparkly makeup than the holiday.  Except if you’re me and wear it all the time lol There are enough neutrals too for the every day.

6. Embellished Beanie : I preach to my kids about wearing hats in the winter so even I started making sure to wear one in the freezing cold months.  So why not give a pretty hat to someone to make it through the freezing months ahead.

7. Glitter Eye Mask : For the stressed out friend that needs a little laugh with some sparkle.

8. Mercury Tealight Set:  I love how this set is more neutral but a little pizazz for the perfect gift.

9. Monogram Candles : A pretty candle with a friend or family member’s initial is such a cute personalized gift.

10. Chunky Sparkle Bracelet : I bought this bracelet a few years ago and my friend loved it.  So, this year it’s back and that friend is getting the best little surprise 🙂

11. Lipstick Portable Phone Charger: I don’t know about you, but my phone is ALWAYS running low on battery.  So, until I decide to upgrade phones, this adorable charger is the cutest accessory in my purse.  The perfect little functional gift for any gal.

12. Eiffel Tower Ornament : Ornaments are such a cute little accessory to add to a package and this sparkly one is so adorable for pink tree.

13. Velvet Clutch : Velvet is such a holiday texture and this one with the bow is perfection.

14. Pearl Beanie : I love the price of this one and I am always looking for hats in the winter.  A fun gift for anyone.

15. Plaid Scarf Poncho : I bought this in the neutral color and I love the pink for next year around Valentine’s day.  Also, to cover up all the food consumption from the holidays.

16. Tassel Earring Set : I love this fun set of earrings to jazz up an outfit.

17. Stud Earring Set : Sometimes you need a little sparkle for the every day and this ‘dazzle’ set is so fun with the variety of different colors.

18. Lipstick Holder : This is on my wish list for next year when I really start to take my organizing to the next level.  Since having kids I haven’t had much time to get my makeup and accessories in order and it’s making me crazy!

19. Sparkly Slippers : Because well why not? Waking up in the cold winter months to some pretty slippers always gets my day started right 🙂

20. Pink Bracelet : This affordable pink bracelet would be adorable to add to anyone collection of bangles.  And what girl doesn’t need a little Kate Spade in her life.

Hope this gave you some Christmas ideas and inspiration for the glam girl you know, or perhaps your sparkly self.

Happy Shopping!