*Rocksbox gifted me a three month subscription, however all opinions are my own.

I recently finished a 3 month collaboration with Rocksbox Jewelry, so naturally I had to share a review 😉  I had been wanting to try this service for awhile, so I was really excited when they reached out to me.  I have seen so many people styling jewelry pieces from Rocksbox and they are so pretty!

If you have never heard of Rocksbox, it is a jewelry service where you can ‘rent’ 3 pieces of jewelry for the month.  Then, at the end of the month you can either send the box of jewelry back, or purchase any piece you can’t part with.  The service is $21 a month.  However, the $21 can be used towards any piece you buy as well.

Initially, you start out by creating a ‘Wish List’.  This part is so much fun because it’s like shopping for jewelry without the commitment.  You pick out a ton of pieces so your stylist can see what trends or colors best suit your style and needs.  Then, a few days later you get to preview your first box of jewelry, or leave the box as is to be surprised when it arrives.  I loved this feature because I needed to ‘swap’ out a few pieces for jewelry that worked better for outfits I had planned for the month.  This was so easy, and then the box was sent.  The boxes are shipped in reusable bags to be used again at the end of the month with the return labels already printed.  This makes shipping back SO easy.

I was impressed with the subscription.  I looked forward to my monthly box of goodies.  I was able to try out trendy pieces that may or may not work for me without the commitment.  I would have never thought the fringe earrings below would work for me.  Customer service was great at Rocskbox.  In my second box, a necklace was sadly broken.  My stylist emailed me back very promptly and advised to mail that piece back with the rest of the returned items, and they gave me a credit.  I wasn’t that sad about the necklace as it wasn’t really my style.  However, I was so excited to use the credit towards the blue fringe earrings I fell in love with!



When my third box arrived the pieces were amazing and I wanted to purchase them all.  I ended up keeping a pair of red earrings  that I couldn’t let go of.  My three month subscription gifted by Rocksbox is over, however I had the opportunity to continue the membership by paying the $21 a month.  This was a tough decision for me!  In the end I stopped the subscription because I couldn’t stop buying the great jewelry.  This is not to say I wouldn’t subscribe again in the future!  If you have events coming up, or are constantly looking for new trendy jewelry this would be the service for you.  Also, if you can show a little self restraint ;

Thanks for reading!





It’s the middle of April and there has been so much snow and rain.  Even tomorrow the forecast is for more snow.  I had no intention of buying any more boots, but it was getting kind of depressing.  I usually wear Hunter boots all winter and my black boots were getting old.  So since I can’t wear Spring shoes or sandals, pink boots are what I’m rocking for the rest of April 🙂

I have athletic calves so the regular Hunter boots are very tight on my legs and the Huntress boot is just too wide at the calf.  I prefer the adjustable version of this boot.

These were also a treat to myself after a procedure I had done on Monday.  If you have ever had a saline ultrasound then you know what I’m talking about.  I was dreading this ultrasound for awhile not only because it sounded awful(it wasn’t that bad), but because of what I was being tested for. As I wait for the biopsy results pink boots are going to just put a little pep in my step.


Here are some other Spring boots as we wait for May flowers:





If you live in the Midwest like me, than you know pretty sleeveless dresses with bare legs are just not a reality on Easter.  As much as I love seeing all the Spring trends and fashion come out, it’s usually COLD and raining.  I’m usually bundled up in a coat with tights, or even rocking pants to keep warm.

When I saw this pretty flowy top I thought it was perfect for a chilly Chicago Easter.  The pink color was Springy, but the long sleeves would be weather appropriate.  I’m also usually chasing my little guy around so sometimes dresses are not practical.  Throw on a pair of closed toe heels and I am ready to be somewhat dressed up for this Easter.

Here a few other top options for a chilly Easter Sunday:



Sometimes I like a fancier option for Church, and then switch to the cute top/pants to indulge in all the treats I gave up for Lent.  Here are some cute dress options to start your day off in:

I also love blazers and light jackets right now to go over sleeveless, or even long sleeve dresses.  Here are a few of my favorites lately:


Looking at the weather report for the weekend and it’s cold and raining:(
Tell me what you’re planning to wear for Easter!


I love to see gift guides for holidays.  It’s always fun to see ideas on what other families give to their littles.  So, I’m sharing what’s in our little’s baskets 🙂 I once told a friend when she asked what I give the kids for Easter, that ‘our Easter bunny brings new swimsuits’.  My daughter has an intolerance to artificial dyes, and I don’t like junky candy for the sake of their teeth, so I only give minimal candy.  I like to give things that I know we will actually use in the upcoming months.

Like past years, my daughter knows that in her Easter basket there will be a new swimsuit and other trinkets for outside play.  It’s a little reminder that warm weather is approaching.  It also reminds this mama that both kids need to be signed up for swim lessons again soon!  I loved getting my little man his first Mickey Mouse suit and can’t wait to see him in it .  To go along with the suits, there are new sunglasses (because we always lose them each year) and pool toys.


Mickey Suit and Little Mermaid Suit

This year, while shopping for Disney swimsuits, I saw bubble wands for the summer and a bubble machine.  They were adorable.  I also bought my daughter a new box of crayons and coloring books (mainly to entertain her at relative’s houses that don’t have toys) and big crayons for my son who is trying so hard to color like his big sister.

Leave me a comment about what you get your littles!






With Easter less than two weeks away I’m getting excited to see all of the pretty pastel colored fashion coming out for Spring.  The snow has finally melted in Chicago (hopefully for the rest of the season) and I’m slowly stashing my boots away till next year.  My flats are slowly making an appearance, as are my sneakers.

With Spring comes walks to the park, zoo trips, and basically living outside after being confined for months of blizzardy winter weather.  I’ve already started planning out how I’m going to lay out the backyard so we can be outside as much as possible.  We are currently looking at a new swingset for my daughter’s birthday, as well as a ton of bubble machines, and sand/water tables.  This year my son will be on the move too, so sneakers are a must to keep up with my kiddos.

Last year I invested in a few colorful sneaks to brighten up my ‘momiform’ for the warmer weather.  My life as a SAHM doesn’t allow for super fancy kicks these days, but I love adding a pop of color to any boring outfit with fun shoes.  And, there were so many fun patterns last year like gingham and floral.  So, of course I started scoping out the fun options again this year.  Here, are a few of my top picks: