It’s that time of year when pink is everywhere.  So it’s no surprise that my February picks are very much in this color range.  So far we do not have any plans for Valentine’s Day, but that doesn’t mean you can’t dress up just a little bit to watch Netflix 😉

  1.  Pink Cardigan:  I love this cardigan.  I wear it ALL the time because of the tie sleeves and it is the perfect length.  It dresses up any basic tee.
  2. Pink Bracelet:  I am a huge Swarovski brand fan.  I bought this bracelet for my mom for Christmas and she wears it every day.
  3. Mean Girls T-Shirt:  I mean…it’s too funny not purchase.
  4. Cropped Tie Sweater:  I purchased this sweater from Anthropologie to wear over a dress just in case we go on some sort of Valentine’s celebration, or for a girls night.
  5. Laura Gellar illuminator:  I actually purchased this on accident as I thought it was an eyeshadow.  That’s what shopping with a 5 year old that doesn’t stop talking gets you. LOL  However, now I love the extra glow it gives.
  6. Beanie Hat:  I am obsessed with this hat because the pom pom is interchangeable.  Enough said 🙂
  7. Heart Shaped Mold:  My daughter actually said we needed this baking mold.  We recently went gluten free after consulting with a GI about my daughter’s migraines.  We are doing our best to reduce gluten and so far her migraines have disappeared.  So we are baking a lot of of our own goodies these days.
  8. RX Bar:  These bars are my recent obsession because they are sweet, but have so much protein that they ward off a lot of my sugar cravings.
  9. Pink & Gray Sweater:  This sweater is so pretty with the silky pink bottom.  I love tops that have that layered look without the extra bulk.
  10. Dior Addict Lip Maximizer: This collagen active lip gloss is the prettiest color but adds just a little bit of plumping for my very thing lips.  I’m not sure how much it works, but I am loving the color!

Hopefully my picks can get you in the Valentine’s Day spirit.  What are your plans?

This time last year I was in the hospital having pre-term contractions from dehydration due to a horrific virus.  I spent New Years Eve being hooked up to IV bags.  So I am more than happy to spend this year holding my sweet babies.  My kids have been sick on and off for a few weeks so it looks like we will be celebrating at home.

Since I’m not pregnant this year and not hooked up to an IV I am getting a little dressed up.  I told my daughter a little bit about New Years Eve and she wanted to wear her new tutu so who am I to shut her enthusiasm down.

I saw these sequin pants and at first thought they were going to be scratchy and uncomfortable.  Not the case at all.  They are like yoga pants….with sparkles!  They are “Jasmin” pants per my daughter and so cozy.


As it’s New Years talk of resolutions comes up.  I have never been great at making resolutions.  I recently saw a sign that said ‘new year; same goals’ which I kind of loved because that is so me.  I always kind of have the same goal ideas with little execution.  2017 was kind of like ‘survival mode’ as my husband and I called it.  We had a new baby and were adjusting to now having two children instead of just one.  So this year I am documenting my intentions to try and bring some actual action in 2018.

 1.  Family and Faith First 

As always my family is my number 1 priority.  My children are my world and I never want to compromise that.  Sometimes the demands of life cause me to lose sight of these priorities, but in 2018 I want to be more present with my family.

2.   Minimize, minimize, minimize 

I am a gal that loves new clothes, but I also can attest to holding on to too many things.  So this year it’s time to say goodbye to shoes that are never going to fit my post pregnancy feet, work clothes because I haven’t been in an office in 5 years, and clothes that just do not fit my post partum body.  I really love the idea of walking into a closet with clothes that I actually wear without rummaging through clothes that haven’t fit or been worn in 5…maybe 10 years!  2018 is the year to sell or donate probably half of my closet.   This applies to toys and household items.  We just have too much stuff.

3.  Organization

After what I know will be a million bags to goodwill, comes time for finally organizing our house.  I can’t tell you the millions of times I have said I can’t find something.  It’s gotten a little absurd.  It’s time to minimize stress in our house and bring back some order.  I have been pinning inspiration all year to try.  I’m finally feeling motivated by these images of organized spaces to implement my own system.

4.  Health & Fitness

I follow the Fast Metabolism Diet by Haylie Pomroy. It’s just a diet that works for me and I plan to talk more about it in the future.  However, I do not workout.  My only activity is holding my 26 pound son (which is a big challenge) and speed cleaning my house.  This year I really want to make fitness a priority to boost my slumping energy levels.

5.  Screen Time and Social Media

When I started blogging, I gave up watching television.  There was no time to sit down and watch a show and write blog posts or keep up with social media.  However, I also find that social media is creeping up in my time with family and friends.  Whereas I love my instagram and catching up with other blogs, this year I really need to reduce my screen time to start implementing my own goals.

6.  Keep a Calendar

Part of being organized is having a calendar and consistently keeping up with it!  This includes a schedule for all family obligations and my blogging goals.  This year I would really like to keep an active blogging schedule.

Now that my goals are written maybe I will keep up with them this year.  Fingers crossed.  How about you?  Do you make resolutions?  Let me know if you want to keep updated on any of goals.

Kick your heels up for 2018!



If you know me, you know I LOVE coats.  Maybe it’s because I live in the Midwest and it’s freezing for like four endless months starting about now.  The only way to feel a little better while freezing is to jazz up my coat collection.  So when I saw this coat with the bell sleeves and jeweled buttons I fell hard.  And, it’s on sale for $65!


We got our first sprinkle of snow this week.  My daughter immediately wanted to play in the barely half an inch that covered our yard.  At her age she doesn’t realize that we will only see mountains of snow for months.  She begged after school to immediately put boots on and run outside in the snow.  We lasted about 10 minutes before we went in for hot chocolate 🙂






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This season I am all about the tartan plaid print, and just plaid in general.  I am seeing it everywhere and I couldn’t be happier.  From wine gift bags to earmuffs, plaid is everywhere this season.  I really have to stop myself from adding more to my collection and will probably be giving a lot of plaid gifts 😉


  1. The perfect plaid dress : I love this dress and have already worn it twice.  It’s so comfy.
  2. Blanket Scarf: You can never go long with scarves and layering in the cold weather.  I love giving scarves with a cute top for gifts.  Use code trices_take to take 20% off Ilymix scarves.
  3. Ruffled Shirt: I can’t get enough of these plaid shirts!
  4. Wine Bottle Cover:  The perfect festive cover to bring a bottle of wine or champagne for a hostess gift this Holiday season.
  5. Sparkle Plaid Heels: These are probably what started my obsession with plaid this year during the Black Friday specials.
  6. Plaid Purse:  I really want this bag for the Holiday but I am trying to be good so maybe somebody else will be receiving this under the tree 🙂
  7. Plaid Belt: I love this belt to add a little bit of flair with a black top or dress.
  8. Earmuffs: Yes, I am even taking my plaid to my ears.
  9. Puffer Vest: Another vest to add to the obsession.

Happy plaid shopping!  Hopefully you are not as behind on Christmas shopping as I am….

Last weekend my husband and I went out of town for a wedding of some good friends.  It was a nice break for us as we rarely leave the kids overnight anywhere these days.  We had the opportunity to sightsee in a new city.  I kind of felt like I was missing a limb without my two kids, but it was nice to have a little alone time.

It was just as cold in Philadelphia as it was in Chicago so I knew I had no choice but to bring boots.  These boots folded in my suitcase which made it so convenient.  Also, these boots were super comfy and kept me warm.  I was surprised by that.


 We were able to do a little sightseeing around Philadelphia.  The hubby said it felt like when we were dating all over again.  I had no agenda, no itinerary and he was shocked.  Usually I have every hour of our life planned now that we have kids.

Our friends had a lovely wedding and it was so nice to celebrate them.  I wore this dress that has a velvet top so it was warm despite being sleeveless.

The weekend went so smoothly that we knew something had to give.  Our flights were on time, the hotel was fine, and even our luggage made it back.  However, as soon as we picked up my daughter from my Aun’ts house she had gotten sick.  Then, she proceeded to get sick on me.  That night was rough as D was sick and baby N forgot how to sleep.  Back to reality 😉