29 Weeks Pregnant


I can’t believe I’m 29 weeks and just documenting my pregnancy.  I really wanted to capture this pregnancy because it will be probably be my last, and I didn’t fully embrace my last one.

The weather has been weird this Fall.  The ups and downs are making it hard to dress this bump comfortably.

I am so happy to be in my last trimester.  The placenta finally moved and I was given the clear by the high-risk doctor.  The baby gave me a scare last week because I didn’t feel him moving for a day and a half!  It turns out he was flipping and the ultrasound was fine.  Also, the wonderful heartburn has started.  Wish me luck as we have a weekend of events this weekend.  Tums will be my best friend.

Also, my insomnia kept me up all night.  It must be mother nature’s way of getting me prepared for a newborn.


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