September Florals


Happy Friday and 1st of September!  This week is finally over and it’s been a little rough.  Between getting used to the 8 A.M. drop-off and a 7 month old that doesn’t have a schedule yet, plus all the Fall sports and activities after school, we are fully back in school-year mode. Oh, and I have no kitchen sink.  We purchased one and then as soon as my friend went to install it, we realized it was not going to fit in the opening.  Washing dishes and bottles in a bar sink is very interesting.  I can’t wait for the new sink to be delivered next week.

When I saw this ‘dress’ last year it was way out of my price range, but I thought it was so beautiful with the Fall colors.  So when I saw it was on sale (and I had a gift card) I bought it for family pictures.

Have a  great long weekend!





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