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*Rocksbox gifted me a three month subscription, however all opinions are my own.

I recently finished a 3 month collaboration with Rocksbox Jewelry, so naturally I had to share a review ūüėČ ¬†I had been wanting to try this service for awhile, so I was really excited when they reached out to me. ¬†I have seen so many people styling jewelry pieces from Rocksbox and they are so pretty!

If you have never heard of Rocksbox, it is a jewelry service where you can ‘rent’ 3 pieces of jewelry for the month. ¬†Then, at the end of the month you can either send the box of jewelry back, or purchase any piece you can’t part with. ¬†The service is $21 a month. ¬†However, the $21 can be used towards any piece you buy as well.

Initially, you start out by creating a ‘Wish List’. ¬†This part is so much fun because it’s like shopping for jewelry without the commitment. ¬†You pick out a ton of pieces so your stylist can see what trends or colors best suit your style and needs. ¬†Then, a few days later you get to preview your first box of jewelry, or leave the box as is to be surprised when it arrives. ¬†I loved this feature because I needed to ‘swap’ out a few pieces for jewelry that worked better for outfits I had planned for the month. ¬†This was so easy, and then the box was sent. ¬†The boxes are shipped in reusable bags to be used again at the end of the month with the return labels already printed. ¬†This makes shipping back SO easy.

I was impressed with the subscription. ¬†I looked forward to my monthly box of goodies. ¬†I was able to try out trendy pieces that may or may not work for me without the commitment. ¬†I would have never thought the fringe earrings below would work for me. ¬†Customer service was great at Rocskbox. ¬†In my second box, a necklace was sadly broken. ¬†My stylist emailed me back very promptly and advised to mail that piece back with the rest of the returned items, and they gave me a credit. ¬†I wasn’t that sad about the necklace as it wasn’t really my style. ¬†However, I was so excited to use the credit towards the blue fringe earrings I fell in love with!



When my third box arrived the pieces were amazing and I wanted to purchase them all. ¬†I ended up keeping a pair of red earrings ¬†that I couldn’t let go of. ¬†My three month subscription gifted by Rocksbox is over, however I had the opportunity to continue the membership by paying the $21 a month. ¬†This was a tough decision for me! ¬†In the end I stopped the subscription because I couldn’t stop buying the great jewelry. ¬†This is not to say I wouldn’t subscribe again in the future! ¬†If you have events coming up, or are constantly looking for new trendy jewelry this would be the service for you. ¬†Also, if you can show a little self restraint ;

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