Unicorns Never Give Up with Pineapple Clothing

This Summer I made a promise to myself that I would spend as much quality time with my daughter as I could.  She would be starting full days at school this year and we weren’t going to have as much time together anymore.  She’s been by my side for 6 years and my best little sidekicks so it’s a little bit of an adjustment for both of us.

Now don’t get me wrong.  The Summer was tough carting around a toddler while keeping up with a very active and social 6 year old.  I’m grateful to have a little more me time this Fall to catch up on the house that was almost abandoned this summer and blogging 😉  I’m also really excited to spend a little more one on one time with my little guy.

When D and I are together at nights and weekends I really try to make that time a priority and give her my full attention.  She is still at that age where she wants to be like her mama and loves twinning.  So when we saw these leggings through a collaboration I laughed because D is not a huge fan of taking pictures, but she is a huge fan of unicorns.  A few months ago we were talking to some cousins and they were nervous about a baseball game and D whispered ‘unicorns never give up’.  Everyone laughed and this kind of became our family mantra.

This full day school gig is an adjustment for both of us.  I’m losing one of my squad and that’s hard.  D keeps talking about ‘changes’ and how nervous she is at school.  This morning I left her at the door of the school.  She came running back and begged me to walk her all the way to her class because she was scared.  As we walked in together I whispered ‘unicorns never give up.’  She looked up at me and laughed.


*This post was in collaboration with the clothing company Pineapple Clothing.

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