Life Lately and an Amazon Valentine’s Day Outfit

Bag Heart T-shirt Boots Vest Sunglasses

Hi Friends,

Long time no blog! Honestly, mom life has been my #1 focus. I briefly mentioned that 2019 was not an easy year. My husband was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, my son started therapy for low muscle tone, and my daughter was recently diagnosed with auditory processing disorder. (I plan to touch on my children’s journey with pediatric therapy services in a different post).

Sooo you can imagine why my life has been a little less than ‘instagram imperfect.’ Lately I feel like I don’t measure up to the other bloggers that can either showcase their ability to get it together, or have the courage to share their vulnerability. My anxiety has been ultra high. My tendency is to shy away from all areas of my life(especially social media), and pretty much hide in general.

Me hiding lol

Originally, I started this blog to discuss sensory processing disorder and my daughter’s journey with therapy. However, as therapy services helped her cope, I didn’t find the need to share as much because our struggles got easier. Then, I switched gears to a ‘lighter’ side of blogging to share clothing and accessories as I always love putting outfits together. It gave me a reason to get dressed and share outfits as a stay at home mom.

However, lately it feels like I’m not able to get outfits together quite as much as usual. This blog has always been an outlet for me to provide a ‘lighter’ take on life. My priorities have shifted back to getting the help my children need. I’m still getting dressed and sharing affordable finds, but I’m feeling a little untrue to me if I don’t share more that goes into my ‘mom’ life and struggles that I go through.

I’m not great at sharing in general as an introvert, but I think it’s important to know that we all have our struggles and demands. Right now in my life I feel like I definitely don’t have it all together in the least. In fact, lately my favorite thing to tell everyone is I’m just a hot mess. I also know things could be a lot worse. I’m extremely grateful we can get my children the services and help they need financially and that I can stay home to do this.

Going forward you will see posts about pediatric therapy services because I am a huge advocate for them and the belief that if you think something is not right with your child, you have to speak up. Also, there will (hopefully) be more organization and home posts. Like I said, I’m still getting dressed 🙂 and love to find a good outfit to share, but I want to get be more ‘real’ on here. I personally love when bloggers share ‘behind the scenes’ outtakes and their ‘reality’. I have an easier time expressing mine in words rather than pictures or instagram stories.

If you came for this cute Amazon heart t-shirt (I don’t blame you) the outfit is linked. Lately I have been using Amazon for everything from fashion to grocery shopping(hello Whole Foods), so most of my outfit is from there. I may have worn this t-shirt a bit too much in the last few days but it’s just that cozy.

Bag Heart T-shirt Boots Vest Sunglasses

Thank you for reading this far if you have and for following along my blogging journey. I hope to give you another side of things. Instagram is definitely a fun way to see beautiful pics and a creative outlet I love, but I would never want a reader to think that there is not more. As a mother with children that needed extra care and help I see that daily at our therapy services. We all have our battles and struggles and need to remember that.



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