The Best Birthday Gift…


Today is my baby’s birthday.  She made her appearance 5 years ago on Friday the 13th.  It was also my 30th birthday.  Everyone thought I was going to have her earlier because I was so huge 😉 but I told my family that the baby was waiting till my birthday.  Sure enough I went into labor a week after your due date.  When the doctor said ‘girl’ I cried.  I had wanted a baby girl by the time I was 30 my whole life.  She was such a surprise because I thought for sure I was carrying a boy and we didn’t find out the gender.

She was whisked to the NICU before I could hold her because she wasn’t breathing from swallowing the meconium.  I had never been so scared in my life.  Due to my own labor complications I didn’t get to see her till that night.  As I walked in her room the nurse told me that D had finally stopped crying as soon as she heard my voice.  I will remember that moment forever.  That same nurse told me ‘good luck’ and looked a little weary when I finally took D home a few days later.  The head of the NICU sent us home 2 days earlier than expected and said we have a ‘tough cookie.’

I should have known then that D was going to be a hand full.  This now little girl has taught me more patience than I ever knew possible.  She has taught me to be a better person and how to be selfless.  I always tell people that an introvert raising an extrovert creates an interesting situation.  D is so outgoing and social.  She can talk to anyone without any hesitation and I love that about her as I tend to be more reserved.  She does have my trait of being extremely oversensitive and sometimes that tends to make her act out.  However, she is the sweetest most considerate person I know.


I look back at her baby pictures and cry.  In the hard times of raising my spirited little girl my mom always used to tell me that children and babies have to be hard or it would be heartbreaking to watch your angel grow up.  So as I am so happy to celebrate this milestone with my very excited birthday twin, I am a little sad that 5 years have gone so fast.


As I reflect on my own 35 years I realize that D not only made me a momma, but a grown up I like so much more in my 30s than the girl in her 20s.  So happy birthday to my best friend.  You made my life so much better and fuller.  I wouldn’t want to celebrate my birthday with anyone else.  I can’t wait to eat a ton of sugar with you.  You definitely got your love of sweets from your mama.

Love you D.





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