A Weekend Away

Last weekend my husband and I went out of town for a wedding of some good friends.  It was a nice break for us as we rarely leave the kids overnight anywhere these days.  We had the opportunity to sightsee in a new city.  I kind of felt like I was missing a limb without my two kids, but it was nice to have a little alone time.

It was just as cold in Philadelphia as it was in Chicago so I knew I had no choice but to bring boots.  These boots folded in my suitcase which made it so convenient.  Also, these boots were super comfy and kept me warm.  I was surprised by that.


 We were able to do a little sightseeing around Philadelphia.  The hubby said it felt like when we were dating all over again.  I had no agenda, no itinerary and he was shocked.  Usually I have every hour of our life planned now that we have kids.

Our friends had a lovely wedding and it was so nice to celebrate them.  I wore this dress that has a velvet top so it was warm despite being sleeveless.

The weekend went so smoothly that we knew something had to give.  Our flights were on time, the hotel was fine, and even our luggage made it back.  However, as soon as we picked up my daughter from my Aun’ts house she had gotten sick.  Then, she proceeded to get sick on me.  That night was rough as D was sick and baby N forgot how to sleep.  Back to reality 😉





  1. Christine (champagnelife6)
    January 30, 2018 / 4:23 am

    Sorry for the late comment, I love your clothes! Your coat is amazing, perfect color! And the dress to die for!!
    Having kids sure does change *everything! We never get breaks away without them unfortunately in almost 10 years!!!

    • tricestake
      February 11, 2018 / 3:38 pm

      I love that you leave comments Christine! Thank you for your sweet messages 🙂 It’s been a rough week so a break in 10 years is looking pretty scary LOL. But, I guess we just have to make breaks even if they are only for a few minutes a day. I”m really bad at this!

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