February Favorites


It’s that time of year when pink is everywhere.  So it’s no surprise that my February picks are very much in this color range.  So far we do not have any plans for Valentine’s Day, but that doesn’t mean you can’t dress up just a little bit to watch Netflix 😉

  1.  Pink Cardigan:  I love this cardigan.  I wear it ALL the time because of the tie sleeves and it is the perfect length.  It dresses up any basic tee.
  2. Pink Bracelet:  I am a huge Swarovski brand fan.  I bought this bracelet for my mom for Christmas and she wears it every day.
  3. Mean Girls T-Shirt:  I mean…it’s too funny not purchase.
  4. Cropped Tie Sweater:  I purchased this sweater from Anthropologie to wear over a dress just in case we go on some sort of Valentine’s celebration, or for a girls night.
  5. Laura Gellar illuminator:  I actually purchased this on accident as I thought it was an eyeshadow.  That’s what shopping with a 5 year old that doesn’t stop talking gets you. LOL  However, now I love the extra glow it gives.
  6. Beanie Hat:  I am obsessed with this hat because the pom pom is interchangeable.  Enough said 🙂
  7. Heart Shaped Mold:  My daughter actually said we needed this baking mold.  We recently went gluten free after consulting with a GI about my daughter’s migraines.  We are doing our best to reduce gluten and so far her migraines have disappeared.  So we are baking a lot of of our own goodies these days.
  8. RX Bar:  These bars are my recent obsession because they are sweet, but have so much protein that they ward off a lot of my sugar cravings.
  9. Pink & Gray Sweater:  This sweater is so pretty with the silky pink bottom.  I love tops that have that layered look without the extra bulk.
  10. Dior Addict Lip Maximizer: This collagen active lip gloss is the prettiest color but adds just a little bit of plumping for my very thing lips.  I’m not sure how much it works, but I am loving the color!

Hopefully my picks can get you in the Valentine’s Day spirit.  What are your plans?


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