Stylish Steal Series

Happy Friday!  I am so glad this week is over.  My husband has been out of town and our daughter is sick.  Also, we are completely snowed in!  SO MUCH SNOW.

Whenever I’m stuck at home I look around and want to organize, organize, and more organize.  However, with two kids at home my adventures in organizing are pretty limited to 10-15 minute projects.  So I thought I would tackle the gift cards laying around from Christmas.

If you are like me, you dread getting VISA and AMEX gift cards.  I mean you would think they would be pretty awesome, but when it comes time to use them I get SO confused.  Either the cashier has no idea how to apply them to your order, or I forget the pin number, or I just completely forget to bring them to the store.

However, I LOVE applying them to my Amazon account as credit.  I send myself an e-gift card using the VISA or AMEX gift card as payment.  Then, once I receive the email I just apply it as credit to my Amazon account.  Super easy and I don’t have to be limited by a certain amount here and another gift card amount somewhere else.  I can add all the gift cards up to one large credit amount on Amazon.

I love having all the gift cards consolidated into one account, and who doesn’t use Amazon prime these days?!  I can use the credit on things for the kids, or I find some fun fashion finds on Amazon like this cardigan.  This fun cardigan was only $15.99 and I used my VISA gift card to pay for it.  Total style steal 😉

Let me know if you like this series and if I should continue doing more.


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