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I recently came across the first Valentine’s card my husband gave me.  It was tucked away in my jewelry drawer where I kept my engagement ring box.  The ‘story of us’ and our Valentine’s day celebrations look a little different than they used to when my husband and I first met.  We have a little less time for us, and our Valentine’s Day celebration includes two little cuties.  However, that doesn’t stop us from dressing up and celebrating this holiday as a family.   

As a mom I am often searching for outfit building pieces that are kid-friendly.  Chasing two children under five leaves little room for accessories that cannot withstand little hands.  When I put an outfit together for the day I have to think about whether I will be carrying a toddler.  My son is constantly pulling on new embellishments I add to my wardrobe, while my daughter is constantly borrowing them for her daily dress up initiatives.  

This is why I was so excited to partner with Jord Wood Watches for their Valentine’s Day campaign.  Their focus is on a modern lifestyle, and they value sustainability. This is so important to this mom that still wants to look her best.  The band width of the Frankie Purpleheart is 18 mm so it is very thick and the Jord company refrains from using toxic chemicals to treat the wood. The watch is also splash proof so I am never worried to wear it around my children.

The Jord timepieces are also beautiful.  With Valentine’s Day coming up I am so excited to add the Jord Frankie Purpleheart & Plum to my ensemble.  It has pretty burgundy and purple undertones with a pink face to be a perfect accessory for any Valentine’s outfit.  Even if that means ordering pizza on Valentine’s Day and making heart shaped cookies with my daughter to celebrate.


I also have exciting news!  Jord watches is offering you a chance to win $100 off one of their beautiful watches so you can accessorize your Valentine’s Day outfit, or give a watch as a gift to your sweetie.  Everyone that enters receives 10% off their order too!  The contest ends February 18th, 2018.  Good Luck!  Click here for offer.



Luxury Wooden Watch


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