Cooler Weather Easter Outfit Ideas

If you live in the Midwest like me, than you know pretty sleeveless dresses with bare legs are just not a reality on Easter.  As much as I love seeing all the Spring trends and fashion come out, it’s usually COLD and raining.  I’m usually bundled up in a coat with tights, or even rocking pants to keep warm.

When I saw this pretty flowy top I thought it was perfect for a chilly Chicago Easter.  The pink color was Springy, but the long sleeves would be weather appropriate.  I’m also usually chasing my little guy around so sometimes dresses are not practical.  Throw on a pair of closed toe heels and I am ready to be somewhat dressed up for this Easter.

Here a few other top options for a chilly Easter Sunday:



Sometimes I like a fancier option for Church, and then switch to the cute top/pants to indulge in all the treats I gave up for Lent.  Here are some cute dress options to start your day off in:

I also love blazers and light jackets right now to go over sleeveless, or even long sleeve dresses.  Here are a few of my favorites lately:


Looking at the weather report for the weekend and it’s cold and raining:(
Tell me what you’re planning to wear for Easter!


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