Easter Basket Ideas to Get Ready for Spring


I love to see gift guides for holidays.  It’s always fun to see ideas on what other families give to their littles.  So, I’m sharing what’s in our little’s baskets 🙂 I once told a friend when she asked what I give the kids for Easter, that ‘our Easter bunny brings new swimsuits’.  My daughter has an intolerance to artificial dyes, and I don’t like junky candy for the sake of their teeth, so I only give minimal candy.  I like to give things that I know we will actually use in the upcoming months.

Like past years, my daughter knows that in her Easter basket there will be a new swimsuit and other trinkets for outside play.  It’s a little reminder that warm weather is approaching.  It also reminds this mama that both kids need to be signed up for swim lessons again soon!  I loved getting my little man his first Mickey Mouse suit and can’t wait to see him in it .  To go along with the suits, there are new sunglasses (because we always lose them each year) and pool toys.


Mickey Suit and Little Mermaid Suit

This year, while shopping for Disney swimsuits, I saw bubble wands for the summer and a bubble machine.  They were adorable.  I also bought my daughter a new box of crayons and coloring books (mainly to entertain her at relative’s houses that don’t have toys) and big crayons for my son who is trying so hard to color like his big sister.

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