Gift Guide for the Glam Gal


It’s December!  Let the Holiday shopping begin.  Unless you are one of those amazing people that already have your shopping done ( I inspire to be like you one day), and want to take a glance for yourself.

However, if you are like the rest of us and just started checking off your christmas gift list, then this list is for that the girl that likes a little bling.  Personally, I love opening something with a bit of sparkle on Christmas.  This is basically my wish list for the holidays 😉

1. Pink Plaid Scarf : The perfect accessory in the Winter for a pop of color.  Come January I am ready for the brighter colors again and I have been loving this poncho look lately.

2. Bow Clutch : This clutch would be the perfect accessory gift to go with a sweater or scarf for that glam girl you know.

3. Glitter Clutch : Or, this sparkly one that comes in the most perfect neutral pink color.

4. Pink Furry Vest : This pop of color would be the perfect gift with a plaid shirt under or just by itself.  I have many cousins in their teens and I already purchased one for them.

5. Sparkly Makeup Palette : There is no better time to wear sparkly makeup than the holiday.  Except if you’re me and wear it all the time lol There are enough neutrals too for the every day.

6. Embellished Beanie : I preach to my kids about wearing hats in the winter so even I started making sure to wear one in the freezing cold months.  So why not give a pretty hat to someone to make it through the freezing months ahead.

7. Glitter Eye Mask : For the stressed out friend that needs a little laugh with some sparkle.

8. Mercury Tealight Set:  I love how this set is more neutral but a little pizazz for the perfect gift.

9. Monogram Candles : A pretty candle with a friend or family member’s initial is such a cute personalized gift.

10. Chunky Sparkle Bracelet : I bought this bracelet a few years ago and my friend loved it.  So, this year it’s back and that friend is getting the best little surprise 🙂

11. Lipstick Portable Phone Charger: I don’t know about you, but my phone is ALWAYS running low on battery.  So, until I decide to upgrade phones, this adorable charger is the cutest accessory in my purse.  The perfect little functional gift for any gal.

12. Eiffel Tower Ornament : Ornaments are such a cute little accessory to add to a package and this sparkly one is so adorable for pink tree.

13. Velvet Clutch : Velvet is such a holiday texture and this one with the bow is perfection.

14. Pearl Beanie : I love the price of this one and I am always looking for hats in the winter.  A fun gift for anyone.

15. Plaid Scarf Poncho : I bought this in the neutral color and I love the pink for next year around Valentine’s day.  Also, to cover up all the food consumption from the holidays.

16. Tassel Earring Set : I love this fun set of earrings to jazz up an outfit.

17. Stud Earring Set : Sometimes you need a little sparkle for the every day and this ‘dazzle’ set is so fun with the variety of different colors.

18. Lipstick Holder : This is on my wish list for next year when I really start to take my organizing to the next level.  Since having kids I haven’t had much time to get my makeup and accessories in order and it’s making me crazy!

19. Sparkly Slippers : Because well why not? Waking up in the cold winter months to some pretty slippers always gets my day started right 🙂

20. Pink Bracelet : This affordable pink bracelet would be adorable to add to anyone collection of bangles.  And what girl doesn’t need a little Kate Spade in her life.

Hope this gave you some Christmas ideas and inspiration for the glam girl you know, or perhaps your sparkly self.

Happy Shopping!







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