5 Tips to Get Through the Rest of the Holidays

Anybody else feel like a hot mess right now?  I can’t believe Christmas is next week!  My decor isn’t completely up, I haven’t mailed a single card, and my shopping is still not done.   Between school/Church obligations, volunteering, birthdays, and present buying the stress and anxiety have taken over.  Not to mention an overactive toddler that doesn’t sleep and my daughter’s crazy extracurricular schedule.  In past years people have called me a grinch because I just want to get through this time of year.  The craziness of the holidays can ruin the magic.  With 7 days left, I’ve decided to do a few things to reduce anxiety and change my mindset before I end up like the mom in the movie ‘A Bad Mom’s Christmas’.


In past years I used to decorate multiple areas of my home.  I would bring out so knickknacks and baubles that my house would look like a winter wonderland.  My house used to be pinterest worthy.  

This year is different.  As I watched my son pull off a million ornaments from the tree and angels from the fireplace, I realized I didn’t have the energy to keep putting them back up.  So, the bottom of our tree is bare and most of my decor stayed in storage.  I’m ok with that.  The minimal amount of decor to put away sounds amazing this year.

My daughter doesn’t even remember the stuff I put out last year and just got excited with the special pieces and ornaments I did display.  She started making paper ornaments and cards to santa that she insists on putting on the tree.  These things mean a lot to my very creative daughter and my son loves seeing her drawings.  My pinterest worthy tree is not happening this year;)

Purge and Donate

Speaking of minimization, the thought of bringing a million more new toys and things into my house causes a bit of panic for me.  Each year I make sure to go through and sort old and broken toys, or just items the kids have outgrown.  It feels so much better to get a visit from Santa and family with presents when there is space for those toys. I also invested in a few toy organization pieces to force myself to tame the mess before adding to it. I like to find women’s shelters around the area to drop off gently used toys and baby items.

Gift Cards are Golden

This year I have no shame with giving gift cards.  I mean, when I receive a gift I am so excited when it’s a gift card.  I am super picky so I like to pick out my own stuff.  Therefore, why should I feel bad about giving gift cards to someone else?  I spend way too much time laboring over finding the perfect gift, but not this year.  If they don’t have a gift by now, it’s going to be a lovely little gift card and I may create a little basket of goodies to accompany it.  Maybe!  The saying really is true that it is the thought that matters.  If hitting the malls and stores causes high stress for you, then this is they way to go.

Take a Time Out

I honestly do become that character played by Mila Kunis in ‘Bad Mom’s Christmas’ and stress over everything being just right.  This is also the time where I fall apart from anxiety, and my self care goes away each year.  I completely gave up my workout regime after Halloween and my skincare routine disappeared.  Not the right way to walk into 2019.  I recently was gifted products by a skincare company(review to come) and I am forcing myself to take that little extra time for me. My goal is to get out of my sweats for the rest of the week 😉

Slow Down and Find a Little bit of Joy

Often times I find myself so consumed with the perfect wrapping paper or running to the next holiday event, that I’m just not stopping to spend enough time soaking up these moments with my young children.  My daughter has an obsession with the Nutcracker these days and I tracked down the older animated version for her on eBay.  When she asked me why I wasn’t watching it with her, I had to stop myself and wonder why aren’t I taking the time to enjoy this program with her?  Yes, there are more gifts to buy (or gift cards – see above) or card to send, but these moments with her aren’t going to last forever.  So yes, I sat down and watched it with her and my little guy.  

HI am so grateful that we have a slow weekend (minus a holiday work party for my husband but that’s later at night).  We had to say no to a few things because we really need that time to spend time with my little ones to do one last minute trip to Santa, see some more Christmas lights, and bake a million cookies together.  The holiday madness will always be there, but making joyful memories with my kids will go by way too fast.

Happy Holidays!


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