The Mr. and Ms. Collection: My experience with a clothing rental/styling subscription service

Rent the Looks, Own the Style - The Mr. & Ms. Collection

*I was gifted a month’s subscription service from The Mr. and Ms. Collection, but as always all opinions are my own. This post includes affiliate links where I make a small commission should you make a purchase.

I’ve always wanted to hire a stylist, or try a clothing rental subscription company. I love trying new styles, but sometimes it’s hard to commit to the ever changing fashion trends. So, when the opportunity to work with The Mr. and Ms. Collection brand came up, I was excited to collaborate with such a fun clothing subscription box service. The Mr. and Ms. Collection is a personal styling service for both men and women. The men’s side is The Mr. Collection and the women’s is The Ms. Collection. I love the company’s idea of why to use The Mr. and Ms. Collection to rent clothing: ‘We naturally grow tired of our clothing. Our service will allow you to refresh your wardrobe and keep the rotating closet you have always longed for.‘ The idea of having a stylist help update my closet and have someone dress me for a change, sounds so appealing as a busy mom.

The process to get started is easy. Simply select what plan you want meaning if you want 3 to 4 items per box, and how many times a month you want to receive new packages. There is a variety of membership plans to suit any lifestyle or budget. I selected the Premium once a month option that provides 4 pieces, but below are all the clothing rental plans available:

Standard Once a Month for three items in each pack, once a month- $59/mo
Premium Once a Month for four items in each pack, once a month – $69/mo Standard Unlimited for three items in each pack, for unlimited packs – $79/mo
Premium Unlimited for four items in each pack, for unlimited packs – $89/mo

Then, you fill out a style profile which is so fun, and lets the stylist know your clothing needs. The questionnaire asks about your personal preferences and style requests such as whether you like sleeveless or long sleeve items to what kind of skirt lengths you like. The stylist takes all this information and picks out 3-4 pieces. I didn’t wait very long before my box was mailed to my house.

When I opened my first box with The Mr. and Ms. Collection I was thrilled with my pieces. The personalized note about why the stylist picked the pieces she did was such a friendly touch, and it was nice to know a real person had taken the time to pick out the pieces specifically for me. I felt like the stylist knew me, and my personal style. She not only picked pieces that I would have picked myself, but also pieces that were a little more modern and fun that I have been wanting to try. The items were also from well known brands that I have bought from in the past. The best part…all of the items fit! This was very exciting that the pieces were flattering and I could wear right away. Ok, enough of me explaining the clothing items. Let me show you these fun stylish pieces:

The first item is a fun blue/green striped tie waist blouse. As I mentioned above, this top is definitely a piece that I would buy myself. The colors are something I would be drawn too as well, but the side tie is something I sometimes shy away from. However, it turned out to be so flattering and an update to my usual choice of blouses.

Two more items in my subscription box are a black pleated midi skirt and a blue plaid bell sleeve blouse with rhinestone button closure. These two items were classic pieces, but with a pretty twist to update my usual fashion picks. I paired the skirt and bell top for the perfect Sunday best look.

Finally, this red sweater with the crisscross open back is a style I have seen lately, but was too hesitant to try because of the back exposure. I paired it with my own cami as to not have my back open and then quickly realized the piece can be turned around and worn with the crisscross in the front for a more versatile look. It was fun to mix with items in my closet that I was growing bored of. The stylist recommended this piece for a fun Valentine’s day outfit. We missed a Valentine’s day celebration, but this would be the perfect date night, or girl’s night out top. I am so happy The Mr. and Ms. Collection sent such a chic, trendy item that I ended up loving the style.

I’ve always wanted to try a rental clothing company. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve bought a ‘latest fashion’ top or outfit that I never wore again. It turned out to be a total waste of money sitting in my closet. Clothing rental through The Mr. and Ms. Collection allows you to try fun pieces to mix and match with your own wardrobe, keep permanently, or return when you are done without spending hundreds a month on new trendy clothes. Hello minimalism and Marie Kondo 😉

I am so thrilled with my first box from The Mr. and Ms. Collection and they want you to be able to maximize your and/or your spouse’s wardrobe. Use my code tricestakestyle to get 20% off your first month of service.


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